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What Is the ACCUPLACER Test?

The ACCUPLACER is an untimed, computerized test consisting of multiple-choice math and English questions. It is used as both an admissions exam and a college placement test. You can find example questions for five of the most common sections of the test below.

ACCUPLACER Math Practice

The Math section of the ACCUPLACER consists of Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, and College-Level Math. Below are sample questions for each section. You can also view sample questions for both Math and English in our 42-page ACCUPLACER PDF question booklet.

ACCUPLACER Arithmetic Practice

The ACCUPLACER Arithmetic Test consists of 17 questions and focuses on basic mathematical operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The Arithmetic section evaluates your knowledge in whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, and problem-solving.

Arithmetic Sample Question


Robert is writing a book. In the beginning, he wrote at a rate of ten pages per day. After some time, he got uninspired and stopped writing for a while. Then he began to write again at a rate of twenty pages per day. Which of the following graphs represents the writer's rate as a function of time?

  1. ACCUPLACER Math Arithmetic Question
  2. ACCUPLACER Math Arithmetic Question
  3. ACCUPLACER Math Arithmetic Question
  4. ACCUPLACER Math Arithmetic Question



From the given information, there are three distinct times:
  1. Ten pages per day
  2. Break
  3. Twenty pages per day

Note that the rate of each of these three times is constant.
It is stated in the question that the graph represents the writer's rate as a function of time. Hence, time is the x axis and rate is the y axis.
A constant rate will be represented by a parallel line to the x axis, i.e. zero slope.
Answer (C) is the only accurate graph, having a zero slope for the first and third time zone, with the third y values greater than the first.

Therefore, the correct answer is (C).

Answer (A) is incorrect as it represents an increasing reduction of the rate and then an increasing growth of the rate.
Answer (B) is incorrect as it represents rate with increasing or decreasing factors.
If you chose answer (D), you probably assumed that the x axis is time and the y axis is number of written pages.


ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra Practice

Elementary Algebra

The ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra Test consists of 12 questions and assesses how well you can perform basic operations in algebra. This section evaluates you in three primary areas: integers and rational numbers, algebraic expressions; and equations, inequalities, and verbal problems.

Elementary Algebra Sample Question


Nancy is planning a ring-shaped pool for a new hotel in Florida. The outer diameter of the pool is 100 feet.

If the pool has an area of ACCUPLACER Math Elementary Algebra Question square ft., which of the following is its inner diameter (the diameter of the dry area)?

ACCUPLACER Math Elementary Algebra Question

  1. 60
  2. 70
  3. 80
  4. 90



Remember that: 
ACCUPLACER Math Elementary Algebra Question Explanation

The outer diameter is 100 feet. Therefore, the radius of the entire shape is 50.

ACCUPLACER Math Elementary Algebra Question Explanation

The total area of the pool is the area of the whole shape minus the dry area ACCUPLACER Math Elementary Algebra Question Explanation:

ACCUPLACER Math Elementary Algebra Question Explanation

The length of a radius can be only positive; therefore, r = 30.

The diameter (d) is equal to two times the radius:
d = 2r = 2 x 30 = 60.

The inner diameter is 60 feet. Therefore, the correct answer is (A).


ACCUPLACER College-Level Math

The ACCUPLACER College-Level Math Test consists of 20 questions that assess your ability to solve problems related to college-level math material. This section covers five primary areas: algebraic operations, equations and inequalities, coordinate geometry, applications, and functions and trigonometry.

College-Level Math Sample Question


A certain language uses only five letters. How many three-lettered words consisting of three different letters can you create in this language?
  1. 35 
  2. 24
  3. 30
  4. 60
  5. 120



In this problem, you need to calculate the number of different combinations.

For the first letter of the word, there are five options.
For the second letter, there are four options (i.e. the remaining letters except the one used in the first letter placement).
For the third letter, there are three options (i.e. the remaining letters except the ones used in the first and second letter placements).


ACCUPLACER College-Level Math Question

There are 60 different combinations for three-lettered words consisting of three different letters in this language. Therefore, the correct answer is (D).


ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills

The ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills Test consists of 20 questions and assesses your understanding of English grammar principles and sentence structure. You will encounter two types of questions. The first requires you to identify the correct word order and grammatical form of the words in a given sentence. The second asks you to correct the given sentence by choosing the best substitute.


Because it is sung as a Christmas carol, "Jingle Bells" was originally written for Thanksgiving.

  1. Because it is sung as a Christmas carol
  2. It is sung as a Christmas carol however
  3. As it is believed to be written for Christmas
  4. Although it is sung as a Christmas carol



While the original sentence correctly uses the subordinate clause (“Because it is sung….), it has a logic error, as it suggests that the reason "Jingle Bells" was written for Thanksgiving was that it is sung as a Christmas carol.

Answer (C) repeats the error.
Answer (B) is incorrect because it is missing a semi-colon before the word “however,” thus creating a run-on sentence.
Answer (D) is correct because it uses the word “although,” which corrects the logic error.


ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension

The ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension Test consists of 20 questions that measure your ability to read a text, understand it, answer inferential questions, identify the main idea, and draw conclusions. You will encounter two types of questions. The first type of question requires you to read a text and answer questions. The second type of question asks you to identify the relationship between two sentences.

Reading Comprehension Sample Question


Guys and Dolls, which premiered on Broadway in 1950, is a musical based on two short stories by Damon Runyon. It ran for 1,200 performances and won the Tony Award for Best Musical. The musical was adapted in 1955 into a film.

This passage’s main idea is that Guys and Dolls was

  1. an award-winning movie.
  2. a book.
  3. a long-running Broadway drama.
  4. a mid-century Broadway musical.



The passage discusses Guys and Dolls, a Broadway musical that premiered in 1950. Answer (A) is incorrect because the passage does not mention whether the movie adaptation won any awards. Answer (B) is incorrect because there is no mention of a book in the passage; the author merely states that the musical is based on two short stories. Answer (C) is incorrect because Guys and Dolls is a musical, not a drama.

Free ACCUPLACER Practice Test Questions

You can also download the free TestPrep-Online ACCUPLACER Sample Questions PDF, a 42-page booklet of free sample questions and explanations on each topic. You can also upgrade to a complete preparation pack with our comprehensive ACCUPLACER Premium Pack.

How Do You Pass the ACCUPLACER?

Most colleges use a placement exam—as a universal measure to ensure students are placed in the correct class. Although you can’t technically pass or fail an ACCUPLACER exam, your score will determine which level of math or English course you place into. If you are taking the ACCUPLACER as an admissions exam, you must get a certain minimum score to enroll in your desired program. This minimum score will vary from institution to institution.

Why Prepare for the ACCUPLACER?

Why Should I Prepare for the ACCUPLACER?

Without good preparation for the ACCUPLACER exam, you may find yourself in a class that is below your skill level and which costs you extra to take. Often, the lower level courses cover material you will have already learned in high school. Thus, preparation is key to avoiding remedial courses and to saving time and money.

For enrollment in special programs, you may need a particular score on the ACCUPLACER. Preparation will help you excel and ensure your spot in your chosen program.

TestPrep-Online's team of experts have created online practice tests that simulate the format of the ACCUPLACER test, allowing you to practice with up-to-date materials before your actual exam. Whether you are taking the ACCUPLACER as an admissions or placement exam, our resources have you covered.

Our ACCUPLACER Premium Practice Pack includes:

  • 530 math questions, including three ACCUPLACER math tests
  • 480 English questions, including three ACCUPLACER English tests
  • Three ACCUPLACER essay guides 
  • Six additional ACCUPLACER study guides

ACCUPLACER® and WritePlacer® are trademarks and property of COLLEGE BOARD. The trademark holder is not affiliated with TestPrep-Online or this website.

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