About the OLSAT Level B

The OLSAT Level B is administered to children in 1st grade, who are typically six years old. The OLSAT is used by educators to measure verbal and nonverbal skills and is a popular tool which schools use to identify gifted children.

For many children, 1st grade is a transition period in which they move slowly from a world of play into a world of abstract concepts. Children are introduced to time, money, and other symbols and ideas. Questions on the OLSAT (1st grade entry) assess abstract processes such as ability to visualize certain situations, grasp main ideas, draw inferences, and predict outcomes. Additionally, pictorial reasoning questions are a large focus of the OLSAT Level B. For example, 1st graders will encounter questions in which they will need to select the picture that does not belong in a set of five pictures. Read more about OLSAT question types.

In Virginia Beach, VA, the OLSAT is administered to 1st grade students as part of the admissions process for gifted programs. Find out more about gifted testing in your school district.

How to Prepare for the OLSAT

The more familiar your child is with the OLSAT Level B, the better she or he will perform on the test. TestPrep-Online invites you to discover more about our tailored, online OLSAT Level B practice packs which include hundreds of practice questions, full-length tests, and study guides. For premium packs and select levels we also offer an OLSAT Video Academy.

OLSAT Test Format

The OLSAT contains 60 questions (30 verbal and 30 nonverbal), with a total of 77 minutes to complete the test from start to finish. Since not all children in the 1st grade are fluent readers, directions, examples, and questions are read aloud to the students. If your child is not proficient in English, you may request that she or he take the test in another language.

While preparing for the OLSAT Level B, the instructions for each question should be read aloud (once) to the child, as is done on the OLSAT Level B. TestPrep-Online conveniently provides audio instructions for the following question types: Following Directions, Aural Reasoning, Arithmetic Reasoning.

Test Level
Grade 1
Level B
Verbal Comprehension  
Following Directions ✔️
Sentence Completion  
Sentence Arrangement  
Verbal Reasoning  
Aural Reasoning ✔️
Arithmetic Reasoning ✔️
Logical Selection  
Word/Letter Matrix  
Verbal Analogies  
Verbal Classification  
Pictorial Reasoning  
Picture Classification ✔️
Picture Analogies ✔️
Picture Series  
Figural Reasoning  
Figural Classification ✔️
Figural Analogies ✔️
Pattern Matrix ✔️
Figural Series ✔️
Quantitative Reasoning  
Number Series  
Numeric Inference  
Number Matrix  

Tips for Strengthening OLSAT Scores

  • Help your child work with the pack. First-graders are still very young and will require your help. However, it is important to remember you will not be there during the real test. Therefore, guide your child through the first questions, then, once he or she gets the hang of them, let them practice alone. Make sure to check in on your child from time to time.
  • Make sure to go over all types of questions. Do not skip certain question types even if your child finds them easy. The real test will have both easy and difficult questions, and your child must learn some tools for solving each type of question in order to succeed.
  • Find your child's strengths and weaknesses. Although it is important to go over all types of questions, it is also important to put a bigger focus on the types of questions your child is having difficulties with.
  • Help your child plan his or her time. Make sure your child follows a study routine that will help him or her succeed and consist of time to solve questions, time to go over the explanations, and time to practice those types of questions he or she finds more difficult.
  • Make sure your child eats nutritious food before studying. According to studies, children achieve better results after a good meal that does not contain sweets, but consists of complex carbohydrates, vegetables, and legumes.
  • Do not forget the explanations. Our prep packs offer a detailed explanation to each and every question. Getting a question right does not mean it is unnecessary to read the explanation, because sometimes children answer correctly but do not fully understand the material covered by the explanation.
  • Try our free OLSAT questions today! Get a taste of the test and form a study plan.

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