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What Is the CCAT-7?

The CCAT is aimed at measuring reasoning abilities among students from kindergarten until grade 12. This test is given to students in Canada instead of the CogAT, which is nearly identical and is given to students in the US. The CCAT is designed to assess cognitive abilities that are developed through time, and is not aimed at measuring the progress of students in their school studies (unlike other tests such as the Iowa Assessments/ITBS). The reasoning abilities that are tested by the CCAT are verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative. These abilities are referred to as "batteries" and are further divided into additional subtests.

CCAT Test Format & Content

In total, there are 176 questions on the grade 6 CCAT. As on each level of the CCAT, there are three batteries: Verbal, Nonverbal, and Quantitative. These batteries may be administered together or separately, depending on the needs and restrictions of the administering teacher and/or the school. The CCAT is comprised of multiple-choice questions, and on grade 6 the student needs to choose one correct answer out of five answer choices. The practice materials are taken from the CogAT as it is an identical test.

As mentioned above, each battery is further divided into subtests:

The verbal battery - measures the ability to use language in various contexts:

  1. Verbal analogies: find the connection between a pair of words and find the missing word by using this connection.
  2. Sentence completion: make a logical sentence by completing the sentence correctly.
  3. Verbal classification: are regarded as the hardest questions in the verbal battery. They require you for abstract thinking as you need to elicit categories of words.

The quantitative battery - assesses the ability to implement mathematical operations and to solve problems using numbers:

  1. Number analogies: here you are expected to discover quantitative relations and to use them to find the missing number in the question.
  2. Number series: here you are expected to find the pattern that determines the order of numbers in a given series.
  3. Number puzzles: perform some mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, etc.) in order to solve the given equation.

The nonverbal battery - assesses reasoning abilities through the use of spatial and figural content:

  1. Figure matrices: here you are expected to implement the same principle as in the verbal analogies subtest, but this time with shapes – find the connection between a pair of shapes and use it to find the missing shape in the matrix.
  2. Figure classification: also regarded as one of the hardest types of questions on this test. Examine the figures presented and determine the rule that applies to all of them.
  3. Paper folding: certain shapes have been pierced in a piece of paper, which has also been folded. Unfold the piece of paper and figure out how it should look like unfolded.

How to Study Effectively for the CCAT

The CCAT might pose a challenge for you but carrying out a proper learning would greatly help you in achieving your desired score. Here are some recommendations which can help you learn better for this test.

Take the practice towards the test seriously and allocate enough time on your schedule only for this purpose. However, study in your own pace and do not get stressed. The best thing is to work slowly and carefully. If you cannot find the solution for a problem, move on to the next one and return to that question at a later stage. Pay attention to the explanations as there are lots of things you can learn from them, even if you got the answer correct.   

Remember that on the actual test the students are allowed to use scrap papers. Thus, it is a good idea to use scrap papers also while practicing – use them to make calculations easier, but also to write down your thinking process and the required steps for solving the question. You will find out that writing the things down is a powerful tool in solving problems. Another useful thing you can do is to gather all the details the question provides you with on the paper. This way you would be able to see clearly which details you already have and what is missing for solving that question.  

We strongly recommend you include sessions of physical activity in your daily routine. Exercise is healthy in general, but it also contributes to a better mood and to a higher ability to concentrate on your studies. Consider swimming, cycling, or even going out to play with friends.

Leave some time for fun! Your brain also needs some rest, so read a funny book, watch a movie or get yourself busy with one of your hobbies.

And finally, make sure to have a proper sleep the night before the exam and to eat something on the morning - your brain requires a good sleep and some food to function properly.

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