What Is the OLSAT Level F?

The OLSAT Level F is a standardized assessment comprised of both verbal and nonverbal questions measuring how well middle school students from 6th, 7th, and 8th grades can cope with academic learning tasks. The OLSAT Level F is used by schools all over the country to identify gifted children for admission to schools and programs for gifted students.

When your child is practicing for the OLSAT, explain to them that making mistakes is part of the learning process and learning takes time and effort. Studies show that students who adjust the best to middle school are students that believe that intelligence can change over time and is dynamic rather than stagnant. Students that have a black and white notion of intelligence and believe they are either “smart” or “dumb” have a more difficult time adjusting.

How to Prepare for the OLSAT Level F?

Practice makes perfect. The more familiar your child is with the OLSAT, the better he/she will do on the exam. Our product provides a full user-friendly preparation, including everything your child needs to know for the exam. Start your OLSAT test prep today and gain immediate access to hundreds of prep questions and full explanations!

Olsat Level F Test Format

The OLSAT Level F contains 72 questions (36 verbal, 36 nonverbal) and students have up to 60 minutes to complete the test. Read more about the different question types that appear on the OLSAT.

Tips for Strengthening OLSAT Scores

  • Teach your child how to work correctly. Since you will not be around during the real test and your child will have to cope on his or her own, he or she must learn how to work individually when preparing for the test. If your child needs your help, go through a few of the first questions together (this step may be skipped with more independent children) and then let him or her work alone, with you only being available for questions. However, teach your child not to call you every time he or she finds a question difficult. It is important to think hard, try several ways to solve a question, try and try again, and read the explanation carefully, before calling you for help.
  • Always read the explanations. Our practice packs provide a fully-detailed, step-by-step explanation for each and every question. If your child finds a question challenging, it is necessary to read the explanation thoroughly and understand what the problem is. Even if your child answers a question correctly, it is still highly recommended to read the explanation, since learning new ways and more tools to solve the same question may come in handy in future questions.
  • Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep and nutritious food. It is a lot more difficult to concentrate when one is not getting enough sleep. Therefore, make sure your child studies at reasonable hours and not till late at night. Remember children need more sleep than adults. It is equally important to make sure your child eats nutritious food, as studies have shown that students achieve better academic results that way, and especially after a good breakfast.
  • Practice makes perfect. Encourage your child to keep a positive attitude. Even if certain topics are difficult, the only way to improve is through practice. Therefore, solving many questions will provide your child with tools for even the most challenging types of questions and raise his or her chances to succeed. Make sure your child solves all the questions of the types he or she finds challenging, but remember to also practice questions he or she finds easy, since they may give him or her tools for the more difficult questions of the same type.

OLSAT Level F Content

Test Level
Grade 6-8
Level F
Verbal Comprehension  
Following Directions  
Antonyms ✔️
Sentence Completion ✔️
Sentence Arrangement ✔️
Verbal Reasoning  
Aural Reasoning  
Arithmetic Reasoning ✔️
Logical Selection ✔️
Word/Letter Matrix ✔️
Verbal Analogies ✔️
Verbal Classification ✔️
Inference ✔️
Pictorial Reasoning  
Picture Classification  
Picture Analogies  
Picture Series  
Figural Reasoning  
Figural Classification  
Figural Analogies ✔️
Pattern Matrix ✔️
Figural Series ✔️
Quantitative Reasoning  
Number Series ✔️
Numeric Inference ✔️
Number Matrix ✔️


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