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About the CAT4 Level G

The Cognitive Abilities Test Fourth Edition (CAT4) is one of the most popular reasoning skills tests for pupils in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Provided by GL Assessment, the test is designed to measure cognitive reasoning skills without focusing on reading comprehension or arithmetical skills. This makes the students’ previous academic knowledge less critical. The test is comprised of the following sections:

  • Quantitative Reasoning-Number Series and Number Analogies 
  • Verbal Reasoning-Verbal Classification and Verbal Analogies
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning-Figure Classification and Figure Matrices
  • Spatial Ability-Figure Analysis and Figure Recognition​

Click here for information on the format of the test. 

The test is also widely used as part of the admission process to many luxurious schools around the UK and Ireland as well as to various international schools around the world. Level G of the CAT4 is the highest level of difficulty for this test. It is designated for school year 11 and above (Y11+), catering to children between 14 and 17+. Level G is the most commonly administered level for admission purposes worldwide due to its high complexity and difficulty compared to the lower levels of the test. For this reason, it is highly recommended to obtain proper preparation.  

CAT4 Level G Sample Questions

If you look below you can see four sample questions, one from each battery of the exam, that could be found on the real test.

CAT4 Level G Test Practice Question-Quantitative Reasoning #1 

[96 → 23]       [72 → 17]       [52 → ?]

Answer & Explanation|

The correct answer is 12. First, you must find a connection between the first pair of numbers. The simplest connections are additions and subtractions, however it does not fit both pairs, as: 96-73=23, however, 72-73≠17. This connection does not match both pairs and therefore is incorrect. Another possible connection can involve multiplication or division. 96 is not divisible by 23, thus you need to find a divisor for 96 that will result in a quotient close to 23. Few divisors of 96 are: 96÷2=48 96÷3=32 96÷4=24 24 is the successor of 23, and the best option from the options above. Therefore, we can phrase the connection between 96 and 23 as: 96÷4-1=23 This connection also matches the second pair, as 72÷4-1=17, and therefore it is correct. Applying it to 52 yields 52÷4-1=12, which is the correct answer.

#Note that additional practice questions for the Quantitative Reasoning battery (number analogies + number series) can be found on our CAT4 Level G practice packs.

CAT4 Level G Test Practice Question- Verbal Reasoning #1 

builder   electrician   plumber

Answer & Explanation|

The correct answer is roofer. These are all professions related to the construction industry. "Profession" is incorrect because that is the name of the category, rather than a member of that category. "Worker" is also incorrect, because it is too general and not a specific member of the category. Although “Baker” is a profession, it is not in the construction industry, and therefore it is incorrect.

#Note that more Verbal Reasoning practice drills (verbal classification & verbal analogies) can be found on our CAT4 Level G practice packs. 


CAT4 Level G Test Practice Question-non verbal reasoning#1

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is B.

In this question, the features that repeat for all three pictures are:

  • All pictures consist of one white circle, one white square, and one black dot (or small black circle).
  • The black dot appears inside the square.

* In answers A and D, the dot is not inside the square, so they can be eliminated.

* Answer C contains two black dots instead of just one, so it can also be eliminated.

* Answer E does not contain a black dot, so it can also be eliminated.

Answer B consists of one white square, one white circle, and a black dot appearing inside the square; therefore, it is the correct answer.



CAT4 Level G Test Practice Question-spatial ability #1

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is (E).

The paper has 2 holes punched and is folded twice.

If we open the first crease, which covers 2 holes, it results in 4 holes in the next picture.

If we open the second crease, which covers 1 hole, it results in 5 holes in the final picture.

Answer A is incorrect because the placement of the holes is incorrect.

#Note that more practice questions for the Spatial Ability battery (figure analysis + figure recognition) can be found on our CAT4 Level G practice packs. 


The Importance of Preparing for the CAT4 Exam

The CAT4’s unique question format and strict time limitations can make the test seem somewhat daunting to many students. Seeking proper preparation before the exam will help reduce some of the pressure and anxiety that are frequently accompany unknown tests.

Getting familiar with the complex test structure and different question types can increase your confidence and make you feel a lot more comfortable facing challenges during the actual test.

As practicing ahead reduces anxiety, it also improves the accuracy of the test in reflecting your actual ability. In addition, if you are to take the CAT4 exam as part of an admission process, preparing in advance can give you a crucial advantage over other students and boost your enrollment chances.

How to Ensure You are Prepared for Test Day?

Since the CAT4 is not based on past experience or previous academic knowledge, the best preparation tactic would be to use practice tests to get yourself acquainted with the specifications of the actual test.

As in many cognitive assessments, the CAT4 is based on recurring patterns. Getting familiar with them and practicing through sample questions based on the same format as the actual test, can significantly increase your chances to score high.

CAT4 Level G Format & Sections

The CAT4 Level G for Year 11+ is a multiple-choice test consisting of four test batteries, that each of them is comprised of two short tests, and is meant for examining different cognitive abilities:

Verbal Reasoning Verbal Classification
Verbal Analogies
Quantitative Reasoning Number Analogies
Number Series
Non-verbal Reasoning Figure Classification
Figure Matrices
Spatial Ability Figure Analysis
Figure Recognition

These short tests are administered in three parts:

Part 1

Question Number

Test Time

Figure Classification

24 questions

10 minutes

Figure Matrices

24 questions

10 minutes

Part 2



Verbal Classification

24 questions

8 minutes

Verbal Analogies

24 questions

8 minutes

Number Analogies

18 questions

10 minutes

Part 3



Number Series

18 questions

8 minutes

Figure Analysis

18 questions

9 minutes

Figure Recognition

18 questions

9 minutes

Online CAT4 Level G Test Practice

TestPrep-Online provides complete and extensive preparation for all different batteries of the CAT4, including a broad collection of sample questions, thorough explanations, and insightful solving tips.

Our CAT4 Level G PrepPack enables you to practice for the upcoming test with the best resources and allows you to familiarize yourself with all that is needed to ensure success.

Our practice pack includes two full-length practice tests specially designed to simulate the actual CAT4 Level G exam, introducing the test’s concepts and designs. In addition, the package consists of multiple section-specific drills and an elaborated study guide for each of the test batteries, alongside specifically tailored solving strategies and detailed explanations for each of the various question types.

All practice materials on this pack are administered in a convenient online format and include extensive score reports at the end, showing the total number of correct and incorrect answers. With this report, you can quickly review your test performance, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and determine where to focus your efforts.

In addition, you will be able to click on each of the questions on the test and read a detailed explanation, preparing you for such future questions. Keeping track of your preparation process and making the necessary adjustments according to your progress will ensure you arrive confident and fully trained on the test day.


We wish you a successful and enriching practice and good luck on the upcoming CAT4 exam!


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CAT4 Level G (Year 11+)

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