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About the CAT4 

The Cognitive Abilities Test Fourth Edition (CAT4) is a reasoning ability assessment test designed by GL Assessment to help schools understand and develop students' abilities and potential. The CAT4 is administered throughout the UK and Ireland and in many international schools around, and Level B of the exam is designated for students aged 8.5 to 11. The test is comprised of the following sections: 

  • Quantitative Reasoning-Number Series and Number Analogies 
  • Verbal Reasoning-Verbal Classification and Verbal Analogies
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning-Figure Classification and Figure Matrices
  • Spatial Ability-Figure Analysis and Figure Recognition

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The test is designed primarily to measure cognitive reasoning skills, and thus it demands little to no reading comprehension and arithmetical skills, making the test less biased towards native speakers.  Therefore, besides being highly effective in identifying students' strengths and weaknesses, thus becoming the UK's most widely used reasoning ability assessment exam, the CAT4 has also become a standard admission tool for many luxurious schools worldwide.

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CAT4 Level B Sample Questions

CAT4 Level B Test Practice Question-Quantitative Reasoning #1 

[41 → 34]       [28 → 21]       [56 → ?]

Answer & Explanation|

The correct answer is 49. Look for the pattern in the first series of numbers. The difference between 28 and 21 is - 7. The difference between 28 and 21 is also - 7. The next series of numbers should follow the same pattern, meaning that the difference between 56 and ? should be -7 as well: 56 - 7 = 49, meaning that the correct answer will be 49. ? = 49

#Note that additional practice questions for the Quantitative Reasoning battery (number analogies + number series) can be found on our CAT4 Level B practice packs.

Watch this short video to get more tips on how to tackle Number Analogies questions:
CAT4 Level B Test Practice Question-Verbal Reasoning #1 

rarely → few : always →

Answer & Explanation|

The correct answer is innumerable. Rarely refers to something that occurs a few times. Moreover, rarely is a term describing frequency, while few is a term describing amount. The same goes for always: always refers to something that occurs innumerable times. Moreover, always is a term describing frequency, while innumerable is a term describing amount. An example for clarifying: I have few visits in London because I rarely fly to Europe, but I have innumerable number of visits in Beijing because I always fly to Asia. Constantly, usually, and regularly are incorrect as they are all terms describing frequency while we are looking for a term describing amount. Countable is incorrect as always is not a term referring to something that occurs countable times, as we cannot count something that always occurs.

#Note that additional practice questions for the Verbal Reasoning battery (Verbal analogies + Verbal classification) can be found on our CAT4 Level B practice packs.


CAT4 Level B Test Practice Question-Non Verbal Reasoning #1 

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is E.

The second figure is the same as the first figure, but with two changes: the dotted section of the circle becomes white, and the white section of the circle becomes shaded. The correct answer must have the same relationship with the third figure.
This means that E is the correct answer.

#Note that additional practice questions for the Non-Verbal Reasoning battery (Figure analogies + Figure classification) can be found on our CAT4 Level B practice packs.


CAT4 Level B Test Practice Question-Spatial Ability #1 

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is B.

  • First, the square paper was folded in half diagonally from the top right corner to the bottom left corner, and then it is folded again diagonally from the bottom right corner to the top left corner.
  • Then, two holes were punched in the middle of the left edge of the folded paper. 
  • Since the paper was folded twice where the holes were punched, the two holes went through four layers of paper.
  • Therefore, when the paper is unfolded, it will have eight holes: 2 holes x 4 layers = 8 holes.
  • The six new holes in the unfolded paper should all be on the center of the edges of the unfolded paper.

Since answer B has two holes in the exact spot that they were punched, and six more holes equally distanced from the crease, this is the correct answer.

Answers C and E are incorrect because they have more than eight holes.

Answer A is incorrect because the holes are too far apart from one another.

Answer D is incorrect because the original punched holes are misplaced (they are positioned one beside the other in this answer choice instead of one on top of the other as in the presented image).

We are left with the 2nd choice, which is the correct answer.

#Note that additional practice questions for the Spatial Ability battery (Paper folding + Figure recognition) can be found on our CAT4 Level B practice packs.

CAT4 Level B Format & Sections

The CAT4 exam consists of four test batteries, each designated to examine different aspects of the student's cognitive ability. Each battery is comprised of two short sub-tests that consist of different question types, evaluating the student's ability in different ways:

Verbal Reasoning Verbal Classification
Verbal Analogies
Quantitative Reasoning Number Analogies
Number Series
Non-verbal Reasoning Figure Classification
Figure Matrices
Spatial Ability Figure Analysis
Figure Recognition

The full test is administered in three parts, causing a split of the quantitative reasoning battery between part 2 and part 3:


Question Number

Test Time

Part 1

Figure Classification

24 questions

10 minutes

Figure Matrices

24 questions

10 minutes

Part 2

Verbal Classification

24 questions

8 minutes

Verbal Analogies

24 questions

8 minutes

Number Analogies

18 questions

10 minutes

Part 3

Number Series

18 questions

8 minutes

Figure Analysis

18 questions

9 minutes

Figure Recognition

18 questions

9 minutes

The Importance of Preparing for the CAT4

The CAT4 is a very challenging test due to its strict time limitations and unique question format, and it may appear daunting to students who first face these difficulties on test day. Practicing before the exam can help students feel more comfortable with the structure of the test, thus reducing some of the pressure and anxiety that many students are experiencing when taking this test for the first time.

Although the test is not based on prior experience or any specific academic knowledge, making it challenging to prepare for, it does contain some recurring patterns, and getting familiar with them can increase the chances to score higher. The best way to get to know these patterns and improve the ability to cope with the various question types the test offers is to practice as many sample questions as possible, preferably under similar conditions as the actual test.

CAT4 Level B Online Test Practice

We provide comprehensive preparation for the CAT4, with a broad collection of professional practice materials. all uniquely tailored to help your child get to test day fully confident and with the ability to excel.

Our CAT4 Level B Practice Pack includes full-length CAT4 test simulations, multiple section-specific practice drills, and an elaborated study guide for each of the various test question types, with elaborated examples and exclusive solving tips. In addition, all questions on this pack are coupled with complete solutions and elaborated explanations on how to solve them, alongside useful techniques that can help face similar challenges on the actual test.

All practice simulations and drills are administered in a user-friendly, convenient online format and feature detailed score reports at the end of each test, showing the total number of correct and incorrect answers and which ones were answered correctly and incorrectly. This report is designed to help you keep track of your child's progress throughout the preparation period and determine which topics to focus most of the effort on to arrive well prepared for the day of the test.

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CAT4 Level B (Year 5)

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