I got the ACCUPLACER pack. I found TestPrep-Online’s preparation pack very helpful. The questions and study guides are great. I found that the explanations and solving tips really helped me to learn the material and improve my score.
I used the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test pack. The preparation pack was very helpful. It helped me understand the format and style of the WBST which we had never sat before. The explanations after every question were very helpful, as well as the timed tests. A great resource!
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ACCUPLACER English Placement Test Practice

The ACCUPLACER English test is a web-based college assessment designed to appraise a student’s knowledge and skills. The purpose of the ACCUPLACER English Test is to help your college determine whether you are prepared for college-level courses or whether you need to take remedial or extra courses to get you college ready. Your score on the test is used to determine how many remedial courses you will be required to take—if any. A higher score may allow you to avoid taking certain courses altogether.

Find out what your English score means and how to improve it.

ACCUPLACER English Sections

The ACCUPLACER English Test is composed of two sections and has no time limit. The first section requires you to write an essay and the second section consists of 40 multiple-choice questions, which increase or decrease in difficulty based on responses to previous questions.
The questions are divided into two topics, and along with the essay, are designed to assess different skills that are needed to take college-level English courses:

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About the ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills Test

The Sentence Skills section of the ACCUPLACER Test focuses on the student’s ability to construct and deconstruct sentences. There are two parts to this test. In the first part, students are asked to rewrite a portion of a sentence by choosing the most appropriate option out of four available options. In the second part, students are given a sentence and are asked to express the sentence's main ideas in a new sentence.

To better understand the format of this section, and boost your understanding with some sentence skills practice questions, click here.

About the ACCUPLACER Reading Practice Test

In the ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension section of the test, students are required to analyze a given text, and deduce inferences, themes, and purposes. The section presents its questions in two different forms. In the first form, the student is given a passage and is asked a question about it. In the second form, the student is given two related sentences and is asked about the relationship between them.

For more information about this section of the test and for free sample questions, click here.

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About the ACCUPLACER WriterPlacer Essay

The ACCUPLACER WriterPlacer is the essay section of the exam, which evaluates the student's writing skills, focusing on organization, development, clarity, and argument support. The student is given a topic to write about and has one hour to complete an essay of about 300-600 words surrounding that topic. The test is then graded on a scale of 1-8. If the essay is too short to be evaluated or does not focus on the requested topic, the student receives an immediate zero.

For tips on writing a great ACCUPLACER essay, and an opportunity to practice writing one, click here.

Tips for Preparing for the Accuplacer English Section

Just like for any other test, you can prepare for the ACCUPLACER English section using solid techniques and methods. Below is a list of tips you can use to successfully pass your ACCUPLACER English Exam:

  • Have a proper sleep schedule—Studies show that a lack of sleep can have a negative impact on our ability to study and retain new information. A young adult should sleep for at least seven hours, and preferably, even more, to be sufficiently rested.
  • Plan and spread out your study sessions—Rather than studying for long periods of time, try spreading out your studying into short sessions. Schedule study sessions that are approximately one hour long, and stick to your schedule. Treat this hour or so like a class you must attend. This method allows your brain to rest and to process new information more smoothly. TestPrep-Online’s ACCUPLACER English Placement Test practice material can be studied in manageable time slots, allowing you to make your own decisions regarding your studying times. Study whenever you want, for however long you want.
  • Take breaks—Do not procrastinate, but do allow yourself to take a break. Just like your stomach needs time to digest, your brain needs time to process new information. Divide each study session into a few smaller study sessions by taking short breaks in between.
  • Change your studying locations—Finding new spots to study is a great way to increase focus and retention. Instead of spending the whole day in the library, or cooped up in your bedroom, try a nice café, or just move to the living room. Wherever you are, our ACCUPLACER English practice packs will be accessible to you!
  • Eat right—When it comes to studying, you are what you eat. The right food can help you reach your goal much more effectively. Aim to include more omega-3 fatty acids (found in nuts, olive oil, and specific types of fish) in your diet. This nutrient has been shown to be linked with cognitive abilities, including memory. And, if quick energy is what you need, instead of reaching for a candy bar, grab a fruit, which will give you both an energy kick and nutrients.
  • Practice with practice tests—There is no better way to understand the format of a test than to take it. For thorough practice, TestPrep-Online’s ACCUPLACER English Pack includes three ACCUPLACER English practice tests, and over 300 additional questions surrounding the various sections.

ACCUPLACER English Test Preparation

At TestPrep-Online we offer you three ACCUPLACER practice packs, one for English, one for math, and a Premium Pack with over 1,000 math and English questions. The ACCUPLACER English Pravtice Pack includes complete English practice tests and additional practice exercises. The ACCUPLACER Premium Pack includes math and English practice tests, an ACCUPLACER grammar guide, grammar exercises, and additional exercises for optimal preparation.

To enhance your studying process, each question is followed by a detailed explanation, which allows you to see what your strengths are and to learn which skills you need to improve. Start preparing for the ACCUPLACER test today.

ACCUPLACER® and WritePlacer® are trademarks and property of COLLEGE BOARD. The trademark holder is not affiliated with TestPrep-Online or this website.

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