What Is the TEAS Math Exam?

The ATI TEAS Math is a section that is found inside the ATI TEAS exam, it is comprised of the following topics:

  • Numbers & Algebra (18 items, 53% of the Math section)
  • Measurement & Data (16 items, 47% of the Math section)
  • An additional 4 pretest items are included

You will have 54 minutes to answer the 38 items on the Math section, the use of a calculator in this section is permitted


Free TEAS Math Practice Test Questions

Below you will find two math problems likely to be found on the ATI TEAS Math Test and/or on a practice TEAS test:
David bought some mouse traps for $800. Later on he sold them for $1240, making $5 on each trap, how many traps were involved?

  1. 12
  2. 56
  3. 72
  4. 80
  5. 88
Answer & Explanation

The total profit made is the selling price minus the expenses which is:
Since we know each trap yielded $5 profit, we divide the total profit by 5 in order to find how many traps were involved:

Of 220 papers that needed to be filed, Brad filed 1/4th and William filed half. How many papers remain that need to be filed?

  1. 165
  2. 110
  3. 65
  4. 55
Answer & Explanation

The correct answer is D.

Of 220 papers, 1/4+1/2 have already been filed.

First we will add ¼+ ½.

Since ¾ of the 220 papers have already been filed, ¼ of them still need to be filed.

¼×220 = 55.

An easy way to calculate 220/4 is to break up 220 into 200 and 20.

200÷4 = 50
20÷4 = 5
Thus, 220÷4 = 50+5 = 55.

For access to even more questions with detailed answers and explanations, and for more TEAS math practice, check out our TEAS Math & Science practice pack.

Math TEAS Test Preparation & Tips

As you build your knowledge, be sure to take regular practice tests. Doing so will enable you to test if you can remember what you have learned, as well as if you can answer questions correctly while under the pressure of test-like conditions.

Use our TEAS math practice test questions and resources to boost your confidence, as well as to train your brain to process questions and find answers quicker. Take TEAS practice tests to check your understanding of the topics that you will find on the ATI TEAS exam and evaluate your performance under timed conditions.

Our tests are timed to simulate an actual testing experience. They also include answers and explanations to maximize your preparation for the TEAS exam. With our pack, you can track your results and determine your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to work on areas in which you need to improve as well as to feel more confident on test day. Begin your TEAS test practice now with our most comprehensive preparation pack, the ATI TEAS Premium Pack.

For a free TEAS practice test, click here!

TEAS Math Study Guide PDF

Be sure to use the information in our free TEAS test study guide for Math as a starting point for your review of the TEAS Math Test. The TEAS study guide PDF provides a list of math concepts, grouped by topics to help you begin your preparation. You can print and download the TEAS Math Study Guide by clicking the PDF icon below:

Free ATI TEAS Study Guide PDF for TEAS Math Practice


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