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Which NNAT Level Do 3rd and 4th Graders Take?

Schools often administer the NNAT D to 3rd and 4th grade students seeking placement in gifted and talented programs. The NNAT assesses reasoning skills by measuring nonverbal ability. In other words, the NNAT does not include any verbal directions. Students have 30 minutes to complete 48 questions on the NNAT Level D for 3rd and 4th grade entry.

More information about gifted testing in your school district.

NNAT Level D Question Types

The Level D NNAT involves four different types of questions:

Pattern Completion:  These questions show a design from which a part is missing. The answer choices are different designs that might fit to the missing part of the original design. The student needs to choose the answer choice that would fit perfectly to the missing part.

Reasoning by Analogy: In these questions, there are four boxes. In three boxes, there are geometric shapes while the other box is empty. Between the two boxes in the top row, there is a certain relation. The third box should have the same relation with one of the boxes in the answer choices. Students must understand the top row boxes' relation and apply it to the other box combined with one of the boxes in the answer choices.

Serial Reasoning: Serial Reasoning present a matrix comprised of boxes that contain geometric shapes. One of the boxes is empty and the student needs to determine which answer choice fits the missing part of the matrix. The student does so by realizing how the geometric objects change as one moves across the rows and down the columns.

Spatial Visualization: Spatial Visualization questions require students to mentally manipulate shapes. They present a matrix comprised of boxes. The boxes, besides one, are filled with geometric shapes. The shapes go through manipulations across the rows, down the columns or both. For example: the shapes could be flipped, put one on top of the other or moved in some way. The student need to figure out the changes the shapes are going through and choose the answer choice that could fill the empty box.

Level Grade Pattern Completion Reasoning by Analogy Serial Reasoning Spatial Visualization
A Kindergarten    
B Grade 1  
C Grade 2
D Grades 3-4
E Grades 5-6
F Grades 7-9  
G Grades 10-12  


TestPrep-Online NNAT Preparing Tips

Our Study Guide for Kids and a Parent Manual is available from the moment you start! Should you purchase the Premium Package the Video Academy will also be there for further assistance. These tools will help you understand what to expect from the test, what are the types of questions, and how to deal with them.

Practice makes perfect! In our package, you will find hundreds of questions organized in Drills. Each Drill focuses on a specific type of questions, helping you master each topic.
In case you find the Drills too difficult, you can always go back to watching the videos or reading the Study Guide.

Last but not least, our package includes three full-length NNAT Level D practice tests. Our tests are meant to simulate the NNAT test in the best way possible. Solve them when you feel confident and want to practice in the best way

Once you are done taking an exam, you can review it. You will get a report that shows which questions were answered wrongly, the number of correct answers, and your total score. Moreover, you will get a full explanation for each question. If you answered a question wrong, the explanation will tell you what you did wrong and show you the correct way of solving that question. If you answered a question correctly, you can still see the explanation to introduce yourself to methods of question-solving. You can use this report to identify your strengths and weaknesses and use this knowledge to put more effort into subjects that you feel less confident with.

Prepare for the NNAT Level D Test

Our NNAT preparation packs are specifically designed to fit your child’s level. If you have a third or fourth-grader about to take the NNAT Test, our NNAT Level D packs are sure to ensure progress, increase confidence, and maintain improvement. Interested? Sign up now for more information.

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