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OLSAT Question Types

Verbal Nonverbal
Verbal Comprehension Pictorial Reasoning
Following Directions Picture Classification
Antonyms Picture Analogies
Sentence Completion Picture Series
Sentence Arrangement Figural Reasoning
Verbal Reasoning Figural Classification
Aural Reasoning Figural Analogies
Arithmetic Reasoning Pattern Matrix
Logical Selection Figural Series
Word/Letter Matrix Quantitative Reasoning
Verbal Analogies Number Series
Verbal Classification Numeric Inference
Inference Number Matrix

Number of Questions on the OLSAT

The OLSAT has a varying number of questions and minutes allotted depending on the level. Read the table below for further information:

 Level Questions  Time Limit
Verbal Nonverbal Total
A (Pre-K) 16 24 40 77 min.
A (K) 30 30 60 77 min.
B 30 30 60 77 min.
C 30 30 60 72 min.
D 32 32 64 50 min.
E 36 36 72 60 min.
F 36 36 72 60 min.
G 36 36 72 60 min.

OLSAT Sample Questions

The following are questions used in our practice packs for levels A-D, including full explanations. Note that in the real practice packs we offer, some of the instructions will be read aloud instead of written.

Picture Series

Look at the pictures in the boxes at the beginning of the row. They go together in a certain way. Something belongs in the empty box. What is happening from box to box?

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is 3.

As you move across the row from left to right, each flower shifts over one place in a clockwise rotation. In the first box, the white flower is in the first position, the dark flower is in the second position, and the gray flower is in the third position. In the second box, each flower shifts over one place to the right: the white flower shifts from the first position to the second position, the dark flower shifts from the second position to the the third position, and the gray flower shifts from the third position to the first position. This pattern continues across the row from box to box. In order to find the answer, rotate clockwise the flowers in the fourth box one position. The answer choice will contain a gray flower first, a white flower second, and a dark flower third.

Note: A helpful strategy is to focus on just one flower (for example, the white flower) and see how it progresses from box to box.

Following Directions

Mark the picture showing a librarian reading a book to just one girl with a lamp behind the librarian.


Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is 1.

Answer choices 2 and 3 each portray a librarian reading a book to a girl and a boy and answer choice 4 portrays a librarian reading a book to two girls. Only answer choice 1 shows a librarian, with a lamp behind her, reading a book to just one girl.

Arithmetic Reasoning

The picture at the beginning of the row shows Jackson and his two pets. Jackson ate two strawberries. Jackson's dog and cat each ate twice as many strawberries as Jackson. How many strawberries did Jackson, his cat and his dog eat in total?


Answer and Explanation
  • Jackson ate 2 strawberries.
  • Jackson’s dog ate twice as many strawberries as Jackson: 2x2=4.
  • Jackson’s cat ate twice as many strawberries as Jackson: 2x2=4.
  • Add the strawberries each person and animal ate to receive the total: 2+4+4= 10

Answer: Jackson, his dog and his cat ate a total of 10 strawberries. Therefore, the correct answer is the third one.

Sentence completion

Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

Despite having dozens of friends, Jake felt _____.

happy          lonely          popular          confident


Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is lonely, which means to be sad because one feels s/he has no friends.

The word "despite" suggests that this is a contrast question. In other words, the answer choice will need to contrast with "having dozens of friends." The word, "lonely," best completes the sentence because it suggests that even though Jake has many friends, he still feels lonely.


Free OLSAT Practice Test PDF

View and download our free OLSAT Sample Test. This is a printable test with various questions from all OLSAT levels with detailed explanations. This would be an excellent introduction for your upcoming OLSAT test.


More OLSAT Practice from TestPrep-Online

Continue practicing with TestPrep-Online with our comprehensive OLSAT study packs. Each pack includes realistic practice tests, helpful study guides, and hundreds of additional practice questions. Premium study packs for Levels A-C now include the OLSAT Video Academy, which is a series of 11 video tutorials designed to explain how to approach and solve every question type that appears on the OLSAT.



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