Educational Services and Teacher Resources: Special Offers and Class Discounts

Who Are We?

TestPrep-Online focuses on online education test preparation. We strive to help students achieve their academic goals. We provide high quality test preparation materials, including test simulations and practice questions, for a wide variety of assessments. Our study materials are developed by tutors and experts with years of experience in teaching and test development.

"We use the MAP prep packs in class. We currently use TestPrep-Online's materials to help students prepare for MAP 2nd, MAP 3rd, MAP 4th, and MAP 5th grade tests. We believe the prep packs have had a positive influence on the students." Staff, Prestige Preparatory Academy, March 2018

Services for Teachers

We now offer multiple licenses at discounted rates for teachers. Our online, interactive test preparation offers a like-for-like testing experience, and our step-by-step mode enables students to view answer explanations.

Iowa Assessments/ITBS Resources for Teachers

The ITBS and the Iowa Assessments are a collection of standardized achievement tests that assess foundational skills and higher order thinking (HOT) skills. The format of the test remains the same, but the Iowa Assessments come with a few modifications.

We currently offer a pdf for teachers that consists of sample questions for Iowa Assessments/ITBS 3rd grade. Visit our ITBS teachers' page for more information. If you would prefer to bulk purchase our 3rd grade Iowa Assessments (ITBS) practice pack, with over 800 questions and two full-length tests, contact us.

CogAT Practice Packs: Teachers Multi-License

Our CogAT test packs offer multiple-choice testing of the Verbal Battery, the Quantitative Battery, and the Nonverbal Battery. Our CogAT practice tests are also written to reflect the most recently published version of the CogAT, the CogAT Form 7. Available from Level 5/6 (Kindergarten) to Level 12 (Grade 6).

Whilst we do not have specific resources available for teachers we frequently provide multiple licenses to teachers wishing to provide individuals with the opportunity to prepare for the CogAT test. Contact us for more information.

NWEA MAP Practice Packs: Teachers Multi-License

If your students are preparing for the NWEA MAP test, we now offer individual practice packs for students in grades 2-8.

We do not currently offer group teaching resources however we are able to provide multiple licenses to teachers wishing to provide individuals with the opportunity to prepare for NWEA MAP assessments. Contact us to discover more.

SCAT Practice Packs: Teachers Multi-License

Prepare students for the Elementary, Intermediate, or Advanced SCAT test with our SCAT practice packs.

Whilst our SCAT materials are not designed for multiple access, we do offer teachers the opportunity to purchase multiple licenses at discounted rates for students' individual use. To arrange this, contact us.

STAAR Practice Packs: Teachers Multi-License

We have recently introduced out first STAAR 3rd grade solutions pack which is proving popular with students and teachers alike. The pack includes a complete solution of a previous exam, one full-length practice math test, as well as reading questions and study guides.

Teachers can now purchase multiple licenses at discounted rates. Please note that individual packs are not designed for multiple access. Contact us.

Special Offer for Teachers 

NEW! TestPrep-Online is currently offering a special teacher deal:

  • A 10% discount for 1-4 packages (use the code below)
  • A 15% discount for 5-50 packages 
  • A 20% discount for 50+ packages 

For purchase of 5 or more packages, please contact us at

Teachers and Students Special Offer

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