What Is the ACCUPLACER Math Placement Test?

The ACCUPLACER Math test is a placement exam, which consists of 49 multiple-choice questions in three areas of math and has no time limit. The questions are individually adaptive; they increase or decrease in difficulty based on responses to previous questions. Each topic assesses the different skills that you need in order to study college-level math courses.

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Do I Need ACCUPLACER Practice Tests?

The purpose of the ACCUPLACER math test is to help your college determine your preparedness for college-level courses or whether remedial courses are a better fit for you. Getting a high score on the ACCUPLACER can have a significant impact on your studies. If you get a high score, you can avoid remedial classes because the college places you out of them. If you do exceedingly well on the test, your college may place you directly into advanced classes saving you time and money.

Don’t put off studying for the ACCUPLACER. Aim for a high score, save your summer, save your wallet, and perform at your best in college.

How to Prepare for the ACCUPLACER Test

It is important to take the time to prepare for the ACCUPLACER test. We suggest setting aside regular weekly hours to go over the topics. We also suggest that you find practice materials that can both teach you the material and test your knowledge.

The ACCUPLACER is like any other test; with consistent practice, you can do great. Don’t perform well on tests? Our ACCUPLACER practices offer different modes so that you can do a few questions at a time and return to your studies whenever you like. To enhance your studying process, a detailed solution accompanies each question, which allows you to see what your strengths are and to discover which concepts you need to improve.

Free ACCUPLACER Study Guide

Here at TestPrep-Online, we have put together a free PDF full of questions for the ACCUPLACER. You can try out all the different test sections in both Math and English, and then check the answers at the back of the booklet. Simply click the link below to download your free PDF—no sign-up required!


Get ACCUPLACER Math Placement Test Practice

What is the ACCUPLACER math placement test? It’s one of the two ACCUPLACER topics that you will encounter on the exam. The math placement test is made up of three topics: arithmetic, elementary algebra, and college-level math. Read on to learn about the topics and how you can prepare for them on the ACCUPLACER math test.

ACCUPLACER Arithmetic Practice Tests

The ACCUPLACER Arithmetic test section focuses on the four basic operations and on your understanding of the conceptual nature of arithmetic—including how well you can apply these concepts in a practical situation. You must answer questions on decimals and percentages, during which you can demonstrate your understanding of these operations. Does this all sound simple? It may not be. Even though the ACCUPLACER test is un-timed, its adaptive nature means that a single mistake can change which subsequent questions become available to you.

Brush up your knowledge and confidence with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and percentages. By the time you take the test, you should be able to work quickly and clearly with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division questions. Take our practice tests in Timed Mode to see how well you do in a testing environment. Get the ACCUPLACER Premium Pack for even more practice questions.

ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra Practice Tests

The ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra test examines your knowledge of algebraic operations and problem-solving with algebra. The questions fall into three topics: operations with algebraic expressions; operations with integers and rational numbers; and solution of equations, inequalities, and word problems.

There are three distinct types of questions that are presented in this section of the ACCUPLACER math test. In one question group, you must work with integers and negative rationales, ordering, and absolute values.

The second type of question requires you to solve algebraic expressions in which you will add, subtract, multiply, and divide monomials and polynomials. You will also simplify algebraic fractions, and evaluate positive rational roots.

The final type of question requires you to solve linear equations and inequalities, as well as solve verbal problems. You must use factoring to solve quadratic equations and answer questions concerning geometric reasoning and graphing.

Algebra is a complex and sometimes difficult math topic. Be confident that you can perform your best on the ACCUPLACER math placement test with the ACCUPLACER Premium Pack offered by TestPrep-Online.


ACCUPLACER College-Level Math Practice Tests

Prepare yourself to encounter five types of math question in this section. The questions you must answer in the ACCUPLACER College-Level Math test section cover a wide variety of topics. There are five groups of questions: algebraic operations, functions and trigonometry, applications, coordinate geometry, and solutions of equations and inequalities.


With these five question types, it's easy to feel lost and overwhelmed, especially if math is not your strongest subject. Practice tests offer the ideal method to help boost your learning and confidence with these topics, which is why we have written hundreds of practice questions to help students like you.


Each of TestPrep-Online’s practice tests are designed to evaluate and teach the subject material. You can use practice tests to get a clear benchmark of your understanding of these areas of math. Once you have identified the areas that need further work, you can use answer explanations to learn and apply the rules of mathematics.

Prepare for Your College Math Placement Test

TestPrep-Online offers you three ACCUPLACER practice packs. Our ACCUPLACER Math Pack includes complete practice tests and additional practice exercises geared towards the three math topics. For English-only practice, the ACCUPLACER English Pack has got you covered.

If you want preparation materials that will help you prepare for all ACCUPLACER topics, get the ACCUPLACER Premium Pack, with over 1,000 practice questions. 

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