We used the NNAT practice pack. The NNAT examples helped him what to expect on the test...and he got into the gifted program!
My son was preparing for the NNAT test. We really liked it! It was easy to use and helped us a lot. Some of the questions were easy for my son, while for other questions he really had to think. It was a good combination.
We used the OLSAT Level D tests. The content and layout are excellent and the site is so easy to use. Our son's results were excellent and we would definitely recommend this site to other parents.
The fact that the practice tests were online and very visual was great, as it helped my kids to be more responsive to exercises.
The test at school (NNAT) was easier than the questions on the website. I knew my answers were correct for all the questions except for two of them that I found somewhat confusing. I had a lot of fun doing the test!
Within a week of my son using the OLSAT/NNAT bundle, his scores improved drastically. My son was accepted onto the program!

Questions on the NNAT

The following question types are typically found on the NNAT test, depending on the level:

  1. NNAT Pattern Completion - Students are shown a design and asked to identify which answer choice will fill the missing area. The student needs to extend the given pattern in a conceptual manner.
  2. NNAT Reasoning by Analogy - Students are expected to recognize relationships among various geometric shapes. To find the correct answer, the student must determine how the geometric objects change across the rows and down the columns of the design. Reasoning by Analogy questions demand careful attention to the details of the design and characteristics simultaneously (color, shape, and direction).
  3. NNAT Serial Reasoning - These questions asses the student's ability to find the missing element in a given matrix made up of geometric shapes. Each matrix is composed of nine boxes in a three-by-three grid. The student is required to figure out which answer choice belongs in the empty box in the bottom right-hand corner of the matrix.
  4. NNAT Spatial Visualization - Students are required to mentally manipulate shapes. These questions are among the more difficult ones in the NNAT, especially those questions involving shapes which intersect in ways which may be difficult to recognize or involve rotation.

Question Types on Each Test Level

Level Grade Pattern
by Analogy
A Kindergarten    
B Grade 1  
C Grade 2
D Grades 3-4
E Grades 5-6
F Grades 7-9  
G Grades 10-12  

NNAT Sample Questions

Reasoning by Analogy

Go ahead and try solving this question:

The correct answer is C.

view the top row. The box on the left side contains a yellow rectangle on top of a blue triangle, while the box on the right side shows a yellow triangle on top of a blue rectangle. You can notice the colors and positions of the shapes switch. The boxes in the bottom row will share the same relationship. Since the box on the left is a blue hexagon on top of a yellow semicircle, the box on the right will be a blue semicircle on top of a yellow hexagon. Therefore, the correct answer choice is C.

This is a typical Reasoning by Analogy question that you can find in Level C NNAT Tests. This picture depicts four boxes that have an analogous relationship. 
It is easy to notice that the relation is clearer when moving across the rows. Once you figured the relation the top row have, apply that relation to the bottom box with one of the boxes in the answers. 

Reasoning by Analogy questions appear in all NNAT levels. In order to get them right, you should encourage your child to form "bridges sentence". Form sentences such as "The _____ is to ______ as _________ is to _________." 

Pattern Completion

The correct answer is A.

It appears that the above drawing shows an octagon with alternating five pointed stars and six pointed stars. On either side of the square there are five pointed stars, hence the answer will be an image which contains a six pointed star. Therefore, we can eliminate answer choices B and E (both contain five pointed stars). 

Complete the octagon by extending the diagonal line across the missing part. The line will extend towards the bottom-left corner of the empty square. Below the added line the color will be blue and above the line the color will be white. We are left with answer choice A, as it is the only answer choice which adheres to these characteristics. 

This is a Pattern Completion question suitable for a Level B NNAT Test. This kind of questions presents pictures comprised of geometric shapes from which a part is missing.

In order to find the missing part, there are several tools that can help:
Symmetry - The pattern is often symmetric. Explain your child symmetry by drawing a line in the middle of the drawing and folding it. Focus on the way the drawing behaves around the symmetry line.
Colors - Colors are a powerful tool that your child can use as "anchors" to find the answer. Look at the drawing and try to figure out which color should appear in each corner of the missing part.The colors are used to eliminate answer choices that don't behave in the expected  way .
Lines - The missing part should match the pattern, so the lines inside of it should be a logical continuance of the large picture.

NNAT Video Academy

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The NNAT Video Academy covers each of the four question types in great detail, using sample questions to explain how to solve each type. This video series is now included in all NNAT Premium Packs. See the video below for an inside look at the NNAT Video Academy.



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