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CAT4 Scores and Percentiles Explained  

 A student’s Raw Score is the number of questions that were answered correctly. Raw Scores are compared to the performance of students from the same age group. Using the Raw Scores, three Normative Scores are calculated to interpret pupils’ performance:  

  • Standard Age Scores (SAS): Each age-group’s average is set to 100 and the standard deviation is set to 2. If two pupils from different age groups receive the same SAS, they’ve done equally well when compared to others of their own age group. In addition, a student who receives the same score on two different batteries has done equally well on both, compared to other students of the same age group.
  • National Percentile Rank (NPR): A student’s NPR score indicates the percentage of students who scored less than him/her. A student who receive an NPR of 73% scored the same or better than 73% of the students in the same age group, alternatively 27% of the students scored higher than him/her.
  • Stanines (ST): The ST is a division of scores into nine bands, each of the bands corresponds to a different SAS score and indicates a different level of performance. The table below shows how to interpret the bands into SAS score:  

The Stanine Scale



Percentage of Cases

Corresponding of Percentiles

Corresponding SAS

Very High



97 or higher

127 or higher

Above Average






















Below average









Very low



4 or under

73 or under


CAT4 Paper and Online Scoring  

 CAT4 scoring is done by a computer in both paper and online editions. The paper-based test scores are sent to GL Assessment and the scored reports are return to the school in up to fifteen workdays. The computer-based edition reports are scored automatically and receivable on demand.  

CAT4 Scores Gifted and Talented Testing  

The Cognitive Abilities Test, also known as CAT4, is used to identify both a student’s academic potential and challenges.  The CAT4 is divided into four batteries – verbal, non-verbal, quantitative, and spatial ability.

CAT4 includes reports for both teachers and parents. Parents receive their child’s individual reports, while teachers can access group reports, as well.  

CAT4 Reports

The CAT4 offers a variety of reports aimed for teachers, students, parents, and even academic professionals, based on their needs:   

  • Group reports for teachers: Table of students’ SAS scores, group ranking for each battery and the overall mean scores. Moreover, the teachers can also see a comparison to the national average, profile chart with learning preferences for all students in the group.
  • Individual reports for teachers: Detailed breakdown for each student, including SAS, NPR, Stanines and group ranking.
  • Individual reports for students: Students can see how well they performed in each battery, scaled “Below Average”, “Average” or “Above Average”. They are given written summary recommending ways to support effective learning. In addition, students can see indicators for how well they are going to do in the GCSE in different subjects.
  • Individual reports for parents: Parents can see their child’s performance in each battery. They receive a profile description with written recommendations to support their child’s academic growth. Also, they can see indicators for the Standard Grade of their child.
  • Summary reports for senior leaders: Senior leaders are given a report with a detailed analysis of their group scores compared to the national average, analysed by battery, gender, and ethnicity.   

Interpreting Your Child’s CAT4 Results  

The CAT4 offers refined reports which support individual narrative and help parents, teachers, and students make better use of the additional information provided.  

To avoid any misunderstandings, the reports combine visual, numerical and textual information regarding the results. Understanding the report is a process, so do not be afraid to ask your child’s teacher as many questions as you need to regarding scores and their meaning.

CAT4 makes the student’s learning process a joint effort by involving the parents and teachers. However, the student is still responsible for his/her success; The teachers and parents receive a report showing how to help their child study, but the student must use the learning environment and suggestions in order to see results and hone his skills.   

What to do with a Low Score Report  

A CAT4 Report with low scores can offer a lot of insight regarding a student’s difficulties. However, if random guessing is not properly considered, it can also be misleading. Therefore, start by finding the number of questions attempted: If the number of questions answered is fewer than average, then the probability of guessing is approximately one fifth. If all or most of the questions are answered, however, then the probability should be deduced according to this table:   

Chance Level of Performance on CAT4 Batteries


Maximum Raw Score

Chance Raw Score

Verbal Reasoning Battery



Quantitative Reasoning Battery



Non-Verbal Reasoning Battery



Spatial Ability Battery



Improve Your CAT4 Test Scores 

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