District Testing

District Testing is school district-wide testing for admission to gifted and talented programs. Each school district that has a gifted and talented program has a different selection process. Typically, classroom performance is considered alongside scores on an Assessment Test and a Gifted (a.k.a. Aptitude) Test. An Assesment Test tests material that is taught in school, with a goal of determining which students are able to learn above grade level and, if so, how far above grade level. A Gifted Test is likely different from the tests your child has taken in school. Questions on a Gifted Test are "puzzles" that measure abstract thinking ability in verbal, quantitative, and spatial reasoning.

Children who are admitted to gifted and talented programs have access to special classes that cover more material at an accelerated pace. These classes can take place either at their neighborhood school or at a special gifted school.

We are happy to provide information about several school districts in the United States with particularly extensive gifted and talented programs. Please note that while we update our site frequently, you should contact your school district directly with any detailed questions (i.e. when and where gifted testing takes place, special circumstances, etc.). Whether or not there's a page on our site discussing your school district, we're happy to help you make the most of our resources to help your child meet your district's gifted and talented requirements. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

On Our District Testing page, we provide specific information for the following school districts: California's Schooling System, Houston Private Schools, Virginia Beach City Public School System, Los Angeles Unified School District, and Katy Independent School District.

It's important to understand the specific policies and requirements of your school district in order to prepare accordingly. For example, one district may require one or two specific tests, while another may allow a student to prove their abilities using a combination of tests. If, for example, your child is an above-average student in math but average or below-average in reading, it may be possible to qualify for gifted math tests only. In some districts the first round of gifted program admission is based on scores on state-required tests that are administered to all students, while in others a teacher recommendation or parent application form are the first steps. Each district has its own policy for when appeals of its gifted program admissions decisions are and aren't allowed.

Get your information right from the source by contacting your school district directly. Policies may have changed since an older child was considered for gifted program admission. Information you get from other parents may also be outdated or distorted by rumors. Gathering reliable information as early as possible will help you help your child prepare to perform to the best of his or her abilities.

School Testing

Some school districts run gifted elementary and/or middle school programs out of designated schools. Some such schools have both general education and gifted student populations, while others are all-gifted schools. All-gifted public elementary and middle schools are relatively rare in the United States, so districts that offer them provide a special opportunity to gifted students and their families. Many school districts give parents of gifted children the option either to send their children to designated gifted schools or to receive special instruction in a neighborhood school.

Gifted education in elementary and middle school can start children on a path to academic success. Learning at a faster pace and in more depth prepares gifted children to take advanced classes in high school that fit their interests and can give them the opportunity to earn college credit. In some cases, students can even spend their twelfth grade year taking college classes and/or pursuing independent learning projects.

The decision to send your . child to a a new school should be considered carefully. If your child isn't being challenged enough at his or her current school, he or she could better perform to his or her potential at a gifted school. However, it is important also to consider your child's social development and the logistics of getting to and from school.

We offer information about some specific schools in districts with particularly strong gifted and talented. Visit our School Testing page to view further information on testing for specific schools. Our list of schools is by no means exhaustive. While we update our website frequently, you should consult the specific school or your school district for the most up-to-date information. Once you know which tests are required and when the tests are administered, feel free to contact us with any questions you have about how to make best use of our products.

If you are looking for international schools, check out this page.

We do not write or administer actual tests for schools. We provide practice tests with similar question types and testing format to help test-takers prepare for tests.

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