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What Is On the MAP 3rd Grade Test?

The MAP 3rd grade is comprised of the following sections:

  • Reading-between 40-43 questions
  • Language Usage-between 50-53 questions
  • Math-between 47-53 questions

The MAP test is a computerized adaptive Test. In adaptive tests, the test's difficulty changes according to the performance of the student, getting harder or easier following a correct or incorrect answer, that is why the number of questions in every section is not set. It is important to note that the MAP test does not have a general time limit.

The Importance of Preparing for the MAP Test

The NWEA MAP Test has become an increasingly popular method for measuring students’ academic progress. In recent years it has also seen wide integration into both public and private school admissions and gifted and excellence programs for children. Whether your child will be administered the MAP test for assessment or admission purposes, it is crucial to seek proper preparation prior to the exam.

Due to its unique and seemingly intimidating format and structure, practicing prior to the exam will help reduce test anxiety and pressure, which are very common for many students taking the MAP. In addition, getting familiar with the MAP structure and various question types and methods can both increase your child's accuracy and enhance the execution of his school knowledge. Moreover, if your child will take the MAP exam as part of an admission process, preparing in advance can give him or her a crucial advantage by boosting chances for enrollment.

How to Ensure Your Child is Prepared?

Since the MAP test adapts to the student's level based on his or her answers, the better prepared a student is, the more advanced the questions will be, and the higher he or she will place in academic progress. Therefore, the optimal preparation technique is to practice answering the same types of questions that are asked on the actual MAP test.

The more your child faces unfamiliar concepts and challenging questions, the better equipped he will be to handle them as they appear on the real test. Practicing the different subjects on the MAP test, as well as differing question types, enables students to deepen their understanding of the material and enhance their skills at solving all types of questions.

Online NWEA MAP Testing Practice for 3rd Grade

TestPrep-Online provides a complete and extensive preparation process for all relevant sections of the NWEA MAP Test: Language Usage, Reading Comprehension, and Mathematics.

Our 3rd Grade MAP Test Prep Pack consists of a broad collection of practice materials, including hundreds of sample questions, explanations, and solving tips, as well as a comprehensive study guide for all MAP sections and subjects.

The practice questions in this pack cover all materials studied prior to and through the 3rd grade. Additionally, due to the adaptive nature of the real MAP test, it contains questions designated for higher grades (4th and 5th grade).

By facing a large scope of varying and challenging unlearned subjects, together with elaborated solutions and explanations, the chances that your child will succeed in handling new materials he has yet to learn in school, during the actual MAP exam is dramatically increasing.

So, what can be found on our MAP Practice Pack for 3rd Graders?

This 3rd Grade MAP Practice Pack is equipped with over 850 practice questions, covering the three main sections of the NWEA MAP: Mathematics, Language Usage, and Reading Comprehension, specially tailored for 3rd graders. For each subject, you will find six practice quizzes of varying levels of difficulty and complexity, along with one accurate full-length MAP practice test simulating the actual exam.

Since many students have difficulty facing the math sections, the pack also includes multiple additional math enrichment questions and a Number Masters game, together enabling your child to improve his or her calculation and mathematical skills. Featuring a complete PDF students' study guide and a parent guide, this pack will help you and your child successfully manage the complicated preparation process in the most efficient way.

All practice quizzes and simulations on this pack are administered in a convenient, user-friendly online format and include comprehensive progress and score reports at the end, helping you keep track of your child’s improvement throughout the preparation period. Moreover, each individual practice question includes a clear and thorough explanation of the correct answer, useful solving tips, and instructions to guide the students towards success in similar questions in the future.

Learn more about the 3rd grade NWEA MAP Test.

Is the 3rd Grade MAP Practice Pack the Best Choice for My Child?

If you are uncertain or confused regarding which practice level would be most suitable for your child, here are our recommendations:

  • If your child has just finished 2nd grade or is at the very beginning of 3rd grade – our 2nd Grade MAP PrepPack would probably be a more suitable choice.
  • If your child is in the middle of 3rd grade – this 3rd Grade MAP PrepPack is the perfect choice.
  • If your child is approaching the end of 3rd grade or is at the beginning of 4th grade – the 3rd Grade MAP PrepPack would be a good choice.
    If after completing this pack, you believe that your child needs an additional boost and practice for higher-level – contact us and we will provide you with the 4th grade MAP PrepPack for a discounted price!

If you are still not sure which package would be the best for your child or have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Ariav, TestPrep-Online’s expert for MAP tests, at ask_ariav@testprep-online.com, and he will be happy to tailor the most suitable preparation for you.

Are You a Teacher?

Check our brand-new MAP Guidance Page for Teachers and Tutors to discover solutions for getting your students ready for the NWEA MAP test, with special discounts and exclusive offers, as well as additional relevant information regarding teachers’ opportunities for the MAP exam preparation process.


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