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About SSAT Practice Tests

The SSAT Practice tests are divided into three levels. The levels are elementary, middle, and upper and each level targets a specific group age. Third and fourth grade students take the SSAT elementary level. Fifth to seventh graders take the middle level SSAT and finally, eighth to eleventh grade take the upper level. Watch this video to learn about the SSAT and get important insights and tips:



All three levels of the SSAT have a very similar structure. However, the elementary level has no experimental section of the test. Apart from this, the elementary, middle, and upper level all have the quantitative, verbal, and reading comprehension sections as well as the essay composition. 

Aside from this, another difference is that the elementary level has the sections arranged differently. There is still a break in the middle, but first the quantitative and verbal sections are tested (as opposed to the essay, then quantitative and reading comprehension, and then quantitative and verbal). In addition to this, the elementary level has the fewest number of questions (with 89 questions), then tied by the middle level and upper level (both having 167 questions, not including the essay).

Preparing for the SSAT

Regardless of the level, the SSAT has many sections that demand a lot of preparation and practice. The first thing to be aware of is what to expect. Understanding the format of the test is essential to succeed. An important part of test-taking is to administer times correctly. Knowing precisely when there will be a break is a key factor into prioritizing your time correctly.

There are many things you can do to prepare for the SSAT. Naturally, your school program, hobbies, and others play an important role in the formation of your academic knowledge and the ease with which you can answer certain questions or develop certain skills. For example, schools whose curricula emphasize science may have an affinity for math.

A proper preparation for the SSAT should focus on all the sections equally. Start roughly two or three weeks in advance, gather all the study materials that you have and perhaps even invest one or two days in summarizing everything in case you forget something and do not want to waste time looking for it. After you are done reviewing all the study material, you can begin solving questions as practice or further developing the skills needed.

Writing an essay can be difficult if you have not had enough experience. The first thing to know is how to write one. Each written composition has its own structure and characteristics. For example, an essay should never address the reader but rather remain objective, detached, and analytical. You can practice this skill by choosing an idea to write about (for example, a book you have recently read) and then presenting this to your parents for a review.

The quantitative section can be especially difficult to practice if this is not your forte. The first thing you should make sure is that you remember the multiplication tables. In general, it helps a lot being in control of the basic operations by calculating between integers, decimals, and fractions with ease and without mistakes. Problems in the quantitative section are word problems, which means that reading comprehension plays an important role in solving these questions. Read each question carefully and try to pinpoint the important data in the way the question is written, and how it can help you to solve the question.

Reading comprehension is one of the easiest things to practice. If you enjoy reading, you can simply invite a friend over, you can both read a chapter from a book and compare notes about it. Ask yourself questions such as: what is the author's purpose in mentioning something? How is a particular character introduced and why? What is the overall tone of the chapter? Discussing these things while referring to the book for confirmation is a key aspect into mastering this skill. Any book, composition, or even songs can be read, discussed, and compared. 

Vocabulary is a matter of remembering rules taught in school. Try to go over the things you have learned such as common spelling mistakes, plural forms of certain nouns, etc. Practicing these can often be done simultaneously while writing an essay or even a report of a book.

Ideally, you want to have an answer key for the questions you are practicing with. Our practice packs offer detailed answers, explanations, and often study guides to help you understand the proper way to solve the questions and feel confident the day of the test.

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