What is the Teachers Membership?

With this membership, you will be able to create up to six separate practice accounts. This way, you can give each student an account of their own in which they can practice independently for their upcoming exam. In each of these accounts, you will be able to add as many prep packs as you want from our store and keep and practice with them for an entire year.

As a teacher or tutor, you will need to track your students’ progress. Don’t worry - you will be able to log in to each of the accounts and see how well your students are doing. All of our prep packs are created by expert test-makers and real teachers and are fully aligned with state and testing standards.

There are no hidden costs or fees. You just pay a one-time annual fee of 169$ that grants access to all of our materials. In addition, we add brand-new prep packs very often, so be on the lookout for new releases!

What are the Most Popular Preparation Packs Under this Plan?

NWEA MAP: This is a computer adaptive assessment used to track students' academic progress and achievement throughout the various grades (k-12). The NWEA MAP is used worldwide. We offer comprehensive prep packs for it for grades 2-8 and for kindergarten, with thousands of practice questions and detailed explanations.

Click here to find out more about our NWEA MAP Prep packs.

CAT4: This cognitive assessment is used mostly for admission to private schools worldwide. This test is administered for students in grades 2-11. We offer comprehensive and accurate prep packs for Years 4-11+ with full test simulation, broad explanations and much more!

Click here to find out more about our CAT4 prep packs.

CogAT: This k-12 cognitive test is primarily used for admissions to gifted programs. Most CogAT tests are administered in the United States. Our Prep packs for the CogAT are for grades k-6 and they contain hundreds of practice questions, intricate study guides and a lot more!

For more information on our CogAT prep packs, click here.

OLSAT: Similar to the CogAT, this assessment is also used as an admission test into gifted programs, administered for grades K-12. We offer prep packs for grades K-8 with full length simulations, detailed score reports and much more!

Click here for more information about our OLSAT Prep packs.

Other popular choices include Renaissance STAR , ISEE , STAAR ,NNAT , SCAT , SSAT , CCAT , and ITBS/IOWA.

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