I studied with the NNAT pack and I really liked it. It felt similar to the real test. It was good practice and I can’t think of anything I would change.
Dina (aged 9)
The product was fun, child friendly and truly enjoyable. My son especially liked the the bright visuals, ease of use, and the timer that helps him track his progress.
I got the Wonderlic Personality Cognitive prep and it was money well spent!
Thank you for your superb customer service; and thank you for making a difference in my life. I am happy to let you know that I passed the test.

What to Expect on the Middle Level SSAT

Students in grades 5–7 who are seeking admission to an independent school for grades 6–8 generally take the Middle Level SSAT. The test has the same format as the Upper Level SSAT: Both are multiple choice and include more sections than the SSAT Lower Level.

The SSAT Test is used to assess a student’s mathematical, verbal, and reading skills–skills that are necessary for a student to succeed in an independent school. A SSAT score report provides independent schools with a detailed image of a student’s academic potential.

Avoid surprises the day of the test by practicing as much as possible and spending a responsible amount of time preparing for the test. Roughly two to three weeks should suffice for you to remember and read over old topics and rules learned in school, review some questions, while resting in between study sessions to keep your focus.

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Middle Level SSAT Format & Content

The Middle Level SSAT Test consists of 167 questions, including a writing sample. Students are given 3 hours and 5 minutes to complete the test. This time frame includes a 5-minute break and a 10-minute one.

SSAT Section Question Type(s) Total Amount of Questions and Time
Middle + Upper Level
SSAT Essay Essay Prompt 1 prompt 25 Minutes
Break 5 minutes
SSAT Quantitative Word Problems 25 questions 30 minutes
SSAT Reading Comprehension Passages + Relevant Questions 40 questions 40 minutes
Break 10 minutes
SSAT Verbal Synonyms + Analogies 60 questions 30 minutes
SSAT Quantitative Word Problems 25 questions 30 minutes
Experimental   16 questions 15 minutes
Total 167 questions 3 hours + 5 minutes

Note that you have nothing special to do towards the experimental section as this section is not scored. This section is designed to test the quality and reliability of new potential questions. Try your best on this section but remember you are not the one being tested but the questions themselves.

SSAT Middle Level Test Prep

For many private schools seeking admission, the SSAT score is what gives the yes or no for a student’s acceptance into a program. It is, therefore, highly recommended to study as much as possible before the day of the test. To help make sure your child is ready for the test, TestPrep-Online will soon have the SSAT Middle Level Practice Pack.

Our level-specific and user-friendly practice packs are designed to give your child the knowledge and confidence to get the score he or she deserves. The SSAT Middle Level Practice Pack will include realistic practice tests and helpful study guides, allowing your child to become as familiar as possible with the testing material.

If you are looking for the upper level SSAT prep, click here.

Practicing for the SSAT

Some sections require more or less practice based on personal preference and extracurricular activities.

Students that enjoy reading books can invest less time practicing their reading comprehension as they already have experience in it. If you find yourself with extra time, it never hurts to practice your reading speed. Some people benefit more from skimming and then searching for specific information to answer questions. Others can read the text more slowly but retain the information better, saving themselves time going back and forth between questions and texts.

Students that are more adept at calculations can have a break from math but instead need to focus on essay composition, reading comprehension, or vocabulary. The quantitative section of the test contains word problems and calculations only account for certain percentage of success. It is also important to know precisely what information is important in word problems and how to extract it, and use it, in order to find the solution. All of this requires no less practice than knowing how to calculate or remembering formulas.

We recommend you to go over the tests and questions in our pack more than once to accustom yourself with the types of questions you are going to encounter on the real test. This way would allow you to be in a very high level of preparedness when you will reach the real test.

Finally, have a good sleep on the night before the test and eat a healthy snack in the morning to make sure you are focused and energetic.

The SSAT practice tests and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with TestPrep-Online or this website.

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