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Very helpful! I used the MAP 4th grade practice pack and the practice questions were very close to what the actual test was like. I passed with flying colours.
Derek (aged 10)
These practice tests were good for my daughter to get her ready for her MAP testing. It provided some guidance for her to know what to expect.
I am really happy with my MAP preparation purchase. My boys scored in the 99 percentile for 2nd and 5th grade!
Very kind and thoughtful about customer.
TestPrep is helping a lot, I am able to get used to the questions and learn how to solve them quickly.
We use the MAP prep packs in class. We currently use TestPrep-Online's materials to help students prepare for MAP 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade tests. We believe the prep packs have had a positive influence on the students.
Staff at Prestige Preparatory Academy

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