Worth it. My son was taking the CogAT Level 5/6 for school and with help from the practice tests, he scored well and was able to get into the county's gifted program. Thank you so much.
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The CogAT test pack provided my son with challenging questions, which prepared him to perform well on the test.

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About the CAT4 Level F

The Fourth Edition Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) is an exam developed by GL Assessment to help schools understand their students' abilities and academic potential. By monitoring the students' performance on the test, teachers can use the test results to identify individual strengths and weaknesses and make implications to the school's studying process.

The CAT4 is not meant for evaluating academic knowledge, and therefore it does not focus on reading comprehension or arithmetical skills. For this reason, in addition to being one of the most popular and common reasoning skills tests for children in the UK and Ireland, the CAT4 has also become widely common as an international admission tool for luxurious schools around the world.

Level F of the CAT4 exam is designated for UK's year nine and year ten (Y9 & Y10), catering to children between 12 and 15.

Learn more about the CAT4 exam.

CAT4 Level F Sample Questions

CAT4 Level F Test Practice Question-Quantitative Reasoning #1 

What number comes next?

75     72     69     74     71     68     73     70     ?

Answer & Explanation|

CAT4 Level F Test Practice Question-Verbal Reasoning #1 

Helmet → injury : vaccination →

Answer & Explanation|


CAT4 Level F Test Practice Question-non verbal reasoning#1



Answer and Explanation
The correct answer is 4.

In the top row, every arrow in the left frame goes with a particular figure in the right frame.
  • Arrow pointing right = white heart
  • Arrow pointing down = grey smiley face
  • Arrow pointing up = grey sun

In the bottom row we should have the same relationship. We can eliminate the 3rd answer choice because it contains a grey heart and not a white heart.
We can also eliminate the 1st and 5th choices because they contain frowny faces and not smiley faces.
Finally we can eliminate the 2nd answer choice because we should have a smiley face in the upper-right corner (where there was a down arrow in the left frame), and a sun in the upper-left and lower-right corners (where in the left frame we had up arrows), but we have the opposite.

We are left with the 4th choice as the only correct answer.


CAT4 Level F Test Practice Question-spatial ability#1



Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is (E).

The given shape contains diagonal lines and two parallel horizontal lines.

Answer (A) is missing a line segment to form the top vertex in order to form the given shape, and therefore it can be ruled out.

Answer (B) includes a pair of horizontal lines but is missing a vertex on the right in order to form the correct shape, making it also incorrect.

Answer (C) has two parallel horizontal lines, however they are too far apart to form the given shape, thus it is eliminated.

Answer (D) includes a shape similar to the given shape, however its left side has a different angle than the left side of the given shape (As shown in the picture below). In addition, the vertex on the right has a different angle than the one in the given shape. Therefore, it does not include the given shape and it is also incorrect.

CAT4 Test Format & Sections

The CAT4 exam consists of four test batteries, each of which is designated for examining different aspects of the student's cognitive ability. Each battery is comprised of two short sub-tests that include various types of questions, evaluating the student's ability in distinct ways:

Verbal Reasoning Verbal Classification
Verbal Analogies
Quantitative Reasoning Number Analogies
Number Series
Non-verbal Reasoning Figure Classification
Figure Matrices
Spatial Ability Figure Analysis
Figure Recognition

The full CAT4 test is administered in three parts, splitting the quantitative reasoning sub-tests between part 2 and part 3:


Question Number

Test Time

Part 1

Figure Classification

24 questions

10 minutes

Figure Matrices

24 questions

10 minutes

Part 2

Verbal Classification

24 questions

8 minutes

Verbal Analogies

24 questions

8 minutes

Number Analogies

18 questions

10 minutes

Part 3

Number Series

18 questions

8 minutes

Figure Analysis

18 questions

9 minutes

Figure Recognition

18 questions

9 minutes

How to Prepare for the CAT4 Exam

Due to its unique question format and strict time limitations, the CAT4 Level F is a very challenging test. Therefore, seeking proper preparation before the exam can help reduce pressure and anxiety on the test day and dramatically increase the chances to achieve a high score and ace the exam.

Since the CAT4 is not based on experience or academic knowledge, the best way to prepare for the exam is to practice as many sample questions as possible, thus getting familiar with the test's question format. This way, you can improve the ability to recognize recurring patterns and use them to handle complex questions under pressure on the actual test successfully.

CAT4 Level F Online Test Practice

TestPrep-Online provides a complete preparation process for the CAT4 Level F exam, with a broad collection of professional resources designed to help you arrive to test day with confidence and a proven ability to excel.

Our comprehensive Practice Packs include full-length CAT4 practice tests designed to simulate the actual exam by introducing the test's unique concepts and structure. These packs also feature multiple additional practice drills for each of the various sections of the CAT4, alongside an elaborated study guide for all different question types that appear on the test. 

All practice materials are administered in a user-friendly online format. Upon finishing each practice test, you will be presented with an extensive score report that allows you to review your performance, track your progress along the studying process, and determine where to focus your efforts based on identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

You will also find complete solutions to all questions and read thorough explanations on how to solve each question, together with helpful solving tips that will help you face similar challenges on the upcoming test.

Not sure which CAT4 prep pack will provide the best preparation for your child? feel free to contact Eitan — TestPrep-Online's CAT4 expert — at ask_eitan@testprep-online.com


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CAT4 Level F (Year 9 & Year 10)

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