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Iowa Assessments and ITBS Free Sample Questions

Our free practice material demonstrates the type of questions your child will encounter on the real test, and gives you an example of the practice questions you can find in our practice packs. Below you will find sample questions and answers for some of the major topics on the Iowa Assessments, including language, math problem-solving, and vocabulary.

Iowa Assessments and ITBS Practice Question- Punctuation #1

Look for mistakes in punctuation in the sentence, If you find a mistake, choose the answer that contains the mistake.

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Iowa Assessments and ITBS Practice Question- Capitalization#2 

Choose the answer that contains a capitalization mistake. If there isn't any mistake choose answer D.

Answer & Explanation|

Iowa Assessments and ITBS Practice Question- Spelling #3 

You should look for the word that contains a spelling mistake and choose it.

If there is no mistake, choose the fifth option—"no mistakes."

Answer & Explanation|

The Punctuation, Capitalization & Spelling sections assess language skills and knowledge. The 3rd Grade IOWA Assessments in the Punctuation and Capitalization sections have 20 questions each and a 10-minute time limit. The Spelling section has 24 questions and a 10-minute time limit.

Our 3rd grade IOWA Assessments preparation contains 2 detailed quizzes from each of the Punctuation, Capitalization & Spelling sections (6 in total), to make sure your child masters each question type found in the test.

Are you looking for other levels? Check our MAP Packs, containing a thorough preparation for the NWEA assessment test, which features many similar materials to the ones used on the IOWA. Although the MAP test has a different format and administration, practicing with MAP materials could provide an excellent preparation alternative if your desired IOWA level is missing.

Contact us at ask_eitan@testprep-online.com if you are having trouble deciding which practice packs are right for you, and we will help you get the materials you need.

Iowa Assessments and ITBS Practice Question- Mathematics #1 

Read the following paragraph and answer the question.

John rides home from work on his bicycle. On the way home, he makes a stop at the pharmacy and another at the grocery. If the pharmacy is ten miles from work, the grocery is three miles from the pharmacy, and home is eight miles from the grocery, how many miles did John ride in all?

Answer & Explanation|

Iowa Assessments and ITBS Practice Question- Mathematics #2 

Look at the chart below and answer the question.

Answer & Explanation|

Iowa Assessments and ITBS Practice Question- Computation #1 

Solve each problem and compare your answer with the answers that are given. If your answer matches a given answer, choose this answer. If your answer is not given, choose “N.”

500 × 4 =

Answer & Explanation|


The Math & Computation sections assess arithmetic skills and concepts. The 3rd Grade IOWA Assessments Math section is divided into two parts, each consisting of 25 questions to be completed in 30 minutes (50 questions to be completed in 60 minutes, in total), and contains various topics such as: geometry, number sense, algebraic patterns and connections, data analysis, probability and statistics, and measurement.

The computation section has 25 questions and a 20-minute time limit, the questions include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems.

Our 3rd grade IOWA Assessments preparation contains 2 detailed quizzes from each of the Math & Computation sections (4 in total), plus there are 26 math enrichment quizzes on different topics To ensure that your child has a strong grasp of every type of question that appears on the test.

Iowa Assessments and ITBS Practice Question- Vocabulary #1 

Choose the word that is the closest in meaning to the underlined word above it.                                                                                                       

The hostile neighbor

Answer & Explanation|

Iowa Assessments and ITBS Practice Question- Reading #1

Thomas plays baseball every Friday. The weather is often very hot and humid when he plays. Every week, one of the team parents brings ice cream cones at the end of the game. Last Friday, Thomas' coach wanted to talk to him for a few minutes. His popsicle was already in his hand when she called him over. Coach Maggie said that he needed to follow through more in his pitches and showed him how. She held the ball and touched her fingers to the stitches like she had taught him a few weeks before. Coach Maggie had been Thomas' brother's coach, too, and he was an excellent pitcher. "Make sure your arm follows this motion," she said, moving her arm down. "You can't just stop when you release the ball." Thomas thanked his coach and looked at the popsicle in his hand. "Oh, no," he thought. "Well, I suppose there's always next week."

What was Thomas' brother's baseball position?

Answer & Explanation|

Iowa Assessments and ITBS Practice Question- Written Expression #1 

1 Of the 59 US national parks, nine of them are in California. 2 Since we live in California, my family goes to a different national park every winter vacation. 3 Last winter, my family visited Sequoia National Park. 4 We camped out in tents. 5 On the second day, we went hiking to the General Sherman tree. There we saw giant sequoia trees. 6 On the third day, we went to the Giant Forest Museum.

7 On the fourth day, we visited Tokopah Falls, which is a beautiful waterfall. 8 On that hike, we saw many different animals, like bobcats and foxes. 9 Sometimes, my uncle has foxes in his backyard. 10 On the last day, me and my family's car drove through the Tunnel Log, which is a giant tree that fell across the road in 1937. 11 In 1940, workers carved a big hole in it, and now cars can drive right through it.

Which sentence does not belong in the passage?

Answer & Explanation|


The Vocabulary, Reading, and Written Expression sections assess various writing and reading skills. The 3rd Grade IOWA Assessments Reading section  includes 8 passages with 41 questions to be completed in 60 minutes, divided into 2 parts. The Written Expression section includes 35 questions to be completed in 40 minutes.

these two sections include Informational & Literary passages followed by related questions. The Vocabulary section includes 29 questions to be completed in 15 minutes and mostly focuses on synonyms and understanding word meanings in a context.

Our 3rd grade IOWA Assessments preparation contains 2 detailed quizzes from each of the Vocabulary, Reading, and Written Expression sections (6 in total).

Preparing for the Iowa Assessments and ITBS Tests in 2024

The ITBS and Iowa Assessments are standardized achievement tests for students in kindergarten through 8th and 12th grade, respectively. These tests are designed to measure academic growth and assess critical thinking skills. The Iowa Assessments is divided into a series of subtests. The topics of these subtests are dependent upon the test level, as each one measures a different skill.

The ITBS and Iowa Assessments' test levels are divided into four sections: Levels 5–6, Levels 7–8, Levels 9–14, and Levels 15–18. As the knowledge base and level of intelligence at each of these levels grows, so too do the number of subtests and topics. Preparation each year for the ITBS and Iowa Assessments is key. We currently offer practice tests and materials for the 3rd Grade (Level 9) Iowa Assessments and ITBS.

Please note, our 3rd Grade pack currently does not include preparation for the social studies or the science subtests.

Practice for the 2024 Iowa Assessments & ITBS

Since the Iowa Assessments and ITBS are achievement tests, it is important to fully prepare for them. Whether your child is preparing to take a gifted programs’ admissions test or is about to take an end-of-year examination, practice is crucial to success. TestPrep-Online offers Iowa Assessments and ITBS practice tests that will familiarize your child with both the test structure and question types.

Test-Taking Tips for Your Child's Upcoming Exams



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