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CogAT Summary

The CogAT test is divided into three batteries known as: Verbal Battery, Nonverbal Battery, and Quantitative Battery. The CogAT measures cognitive abilities and each of its batteries has in it three different sub-tests.

The CogAT is a test where the questions require a special reasoning. The best thing you can do to succeed in the test is be prepared and know what type of questions to expect. This is why our practice pack contains questions covering all the batteries and, in particular, all the sub-tests. 

Each sub-test can be challenging for someone who has not seen the test before. Additionally, without enough practice, you cannot develop the skills that will allow you to answer the questions in the same time constraint. Whenever you or your child approach a test, there are two elements to consider. The first is how well you can answer the questions. The second is whether you can solve everything in time. 

In order to obtain the first skill, it is enough to practice many questions. If you need to develop the second skill, you need to understand the tricks that will save you time the day of the test. For example, some questions can be answered faster if you rule out the possible answer choices (method of elimination). However, in order to rule out answer choices, it is best if you understand precisely what you are looking (and in order to do so, you need to practice).

Our practice packs and questions contain detailed explanations especially written for either students that could not succeed answering the question, or simply want to learn a strategy that is easy, intuitive, and explained succinctly. You can retake all of our tests as many times as you want. This way, you can track your child's progress throughout the learning period and compare. After your child has read through some of our explanations, you will notice that they become more familiar with the questions and in time, will not even need explanations or other strategies.

The first question belongs to the verbal battery. For the earlier grades, the instructions come in the form of audio or mostly images because children are still developing the ability to read. The second question is a classic example of the quantitative battery. Finally, the third question is known as paper folding and belongs to the non-verbal battery.

Sample Test Preview

[1] The three pictures on the left are like each other in some way. Which picture on the right goes best with the pictures on the left?

[2] Look at the trains on the first and second row. We need to make the two trains carry the same number of books. How many books should we put on the second train to make it carry the same number of books as the first train?

[3] Look at the top row. See how the paper is folded and changed. Choose the picture that shows how the paper looks when it is opened.


[1] Choice 2 – Look at the first three pictures. All these items can be used to cut things. The correct answer should be a similar item. The hammer and the wrench cannot be used for cutting, so they are not correct answers. We are left with the bread knife as the best possible answer, therefore it is the correct choice.

[2] Choice 1 – In the first train there are three books. In the second train there are two books. How many books do we need to put in the car with the question mark so that both trains will carry the same number of books? We need to put one book in the car, because 2 + 1 = 3. The only answer choice that shows this number of books is answer choice 1, which is the correct answer.

[3] Choice 3 – First the square paper is folded in half width-wise. Then a star is cut out of the folded paper. Therefore, the unfolded paper will have two star cut-outs. Since the paper is folded width-wise, the second star should flip over the fold and reflect the first star like in a mirror. This eliminates answer choice 1 since the second star appears next to the first star, on the same fold and not over the fold. Answer choice 2 can be eliminated because the second star appears over the fold but not across from the first shape, like in a mirror. We are left with answer choice 3, which is the correct answer

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