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What is the TEAS V?

The TEAS V, or Test of Essential Skills, is the fifth version of ATI's pre-admission exam for nursing students (the latest being the TEAS VI). The test assesses the student's abilities in math, language usage, reading, and science.

ATI TEAS Testing is widely used among nursing programs all over the United States. Without the right scores an exam, it is often impossible to get into the program.

Note: The TEAS Exam was changed in 2016 from the TEAS V to the ATI TEAS (or TEAS VI).

TEAS V Format & Sections

The ATI TEAS V is not unlike the SAT or ACT, as it is multiple choice and maintains a standardized format. However, while the knowledge tested on the ACT and SAT may not be directly crucial to studies afterwards, the TEAS is, even after admission, evaluating knowledge and skills that the student must possess prior to his or her studies as well as after. It is recommended to properly prepare for the test, as it can serve as a leg-up not just when applying for the program, but also for maintaining high grades throughout each semester.

The TEAS V has a time limit of 209 minutes, or three hours and 29 minutes, and covers four sections- reading, mathematics, science, and English and Language Usage. There are 170 questions altogether (20 of which are not scored and are used instead for internal testing purposes).

TEAS V Reading Test

The TEAS V Reading Test consists of 48 questions (two of which are for internal purposes and are not scored) and has a time limit of 58 minutes. In this section students must exhibit an appropriate understanding of reading material, which includes multi-paragraphed passages, as well as charts, graphs, labels, measuring tools, directions, and maps.
On this test, students are assessed on factors such as the following:

  • Vocabulary and Definitions
  • Identifying main ideas and supporting ideas
  • Locating information within the text based on its table of contents
  • Drawing conclusions and inferences from a text 
  • Following directions
  • Interpreting graphs, tables, and charts


TEAS V Math Test

The TEAS V Math Tests consists of 34 questions (four of which are unscored for internal purposes) and has a time limit of 51 minutes. On the exam, students are expected to demonstrate appropriate knowledge in interpretation of data, measurement, numbers and operations, and algebra.
On the test students may be required to do any of the following:

  • Work with decimals, percentages, fractions, and mixed numbers
  • Convert measurements
  • Organize and utilize tables and graphs
  • Solve algebraic equations with unknown values, absolute values and/or inequalities
  • Measure dimensions, weight, and volume of objects

TEAS V Science Test

The TEAS V Science Test is the largest subtest of the exam and arguably the most challenging one. The exam contains 54 questions (six of which do not count towards the student's final score) and has a time limit of 66 minutes. To do well on the TEAS V Science Test, students must demonstrate knowledge in human physiology, earth science, and scientific reasoning. The specific topics covered include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Interpreting of scientific arguments
  • Understanding the experimentation process
  • Demonstrating knowledge of specific human physiological systems
  • Applying the periodic table of elements
  • Utilizing taxonomy
  • Describing the parts of a cell and their specific purposes

TEAS V English & Language Usage Test

The TEAS V English & Language Usage Test consists of 34 questions (four of which do not count for the student's final score) and has a 34-minute time limit. The test covers grammar, sentence structure, word context, punctuation, and spelling.

The following topics are examples of information covered on the test:

  • Differentiating between and modifying passive and active voice
  • Determining the correct spelling of various types of words, such as compound or hyphenated words, as well as commonly misspelled ones
  • Understanding subject-verb agreement rules
  • Identifying correct punctuation
  • Identifying correct capitalization
  • Identifying the use of different parts of speech, such as pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, nouns, and possessives


Properly preparing for the TEAS is vital for getting the optimal scores. Here are some tips to help you along the way:

  • Set deadlines. There’s a lot to cover, and a limited amount of time to cover it. By giving yourself deadlines and sticking to them, you are avoiding the risk of getting boggled down by one topic and not continuing to the other ones.
  • Begin with the challenging. Start your studying sessions with the topics that are most difficult for you to understand. This will take pressure off processing new concepts and even give you a chance to look over them again later.
  • Don’t underestimate the easy stuff. Yes, it’s important to focus on the subjects that are most difficult for you. Remember to still set aside some time, however, for the topics you feel more confident about. Practice, even at a small quantity, is always valuable.
  • Set up a proper studying environment. The best way to clear your mind before a dense studying session is by clearing your desk. Find a spot with a clean table, as little clutter as possible, and accessible fresh air. Work through practice tests. Practice tests are an excellent way to give yourself hands-on experience with the testing material. To help, try any one of our TEAS practice pack, which include practice tests in the same format and with the same content covered in the real exam.

Prepare for the TEAS V with TestPrep-Online

ATI’s TEAS Test examination is one of the top pre-admission exams for nursing programs all over the United States. Doing well on the exam can significantly influence your future career. Preparation is therefore recommended to receive the best score possible. Don’t know where to start? Check out our TEAS practice packs, available for every section of the test!


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